Midcentury is a band from Austin, TX


Combining the earnest tonality of Indie with the hard hitting, uplifting rhythms of New Wave and Funk; MIDCENTURY has a sound that is as fresh as it is familiar. Midway between old and new, the music is a unique pastiche of influence that is both nostalgic and post-modern.

"Austin’s Midcentury may be fresh, but their members are veterans of the local music scene (namely yacht rock-esque outfit Wonderbitch). Their sound blends decades of intentional and unintentional influences, from contemporary notes by the Bright Light Social Hour to Cut Copy to classic rock with a hint of that 80s sax je ne sai quoi, ultimately creating something fresh and totally their own.

“Warrior” is the group’s debut single and a brilliant display of the quartet’s proclivity for creating a sound that is as intricate as it is catchy. Blending some smokey, 80s rock glory with a contemporary indie mood, “Warrior” charges ahead with full ear worm status."

-Taylor Wallace 98.9 KUTX


Vocals, Guitar // Bruce Allen Smith Jr.

Guitar, Keys, Vocals // Paul Murray

Bass, Vocals // Eric Harrison

Sax, Vocals // Leslie Matthews

Keys, Vocals// Alex Chod

Drums // Butch Wade